Academic comittee for traffic law

The Institute for European Traffic Law has created an Academic Advisory Committee, a scientific advisory board of lecturers, working at Universities all over Europe. Those academics have a specialization in traffic law, especially third party liability and insurance law, but also in social security law and associated fields, which in the end belong to traffic law.

The Academic Advisory Committee represents all of Europe – thus also countries that are not member countries of the EU. We are always interested to get in touch with relevant traffic law experts of the largest European countries, but also interested lecturers of smaller countries, so that all European regions are represented. The membership in the Academic Advisory Committee is honorary.

Members are willing to give advice on legal matters to the Board of the Institute for European Traffic Law. They are willing to participate in projects and proposals of the Institute and provide on request an individual scientific contribution at the annual congresses, the European Traffic Law Days in October, and are in general also willing to deliver speeches at other seminars of the Institute.

Furthermore, the Academic Advisory Committee organizes a Europe-wide academic award for issues related to Traffic Law and recommends the price-winners to the Board.

For more information please contact the Academic Advisory Committee by