European Traffic Law Days Organization Team


Education / European Traffic Law Days /Seminars 

Overall responsibility:                                       Dr. Hélène BÉJUI-HUGUES
Organisation:                                                      Alain KUNZ
Content:                                                               Dr. Martin METZLER

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The aim of the working group is first of all to organise the annual congress of the Institute for European Traffic Law. Every year the European Traffic Law Days address practitioners from insurance and advocacy. For members of associations (automobile clubs, insurance associations, lawyer- and judge-associations) the agenda has to be so attractive that participation, virtually, becomes a (so to say) MUST. 

Each time, the latest trends in traffic law are discussed and analysed. Our experts report in detail what is going on every year in traffic law at the commission and at the parliament of the EU. Furthermore, they inform about other important developments in Non-EU-countries. Additionally, they also report regularly from the Traffic Committee of the Economic Commission of the United Nations for Europe with head office in Geneva. 

Participants of the congress are not only informed about the latest jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice in traffic law, but also about landmark decisions in individual countries. Workshops complete the speeches where discussions about specific subjects are enabled. Finally – especially during workshops – suggestions are being developed which are forwarded to the relevant committees of the European Union and to the United Nations.