Think Tank of IETL Institute for European Traffic Law

Think Tank

Composed of ten members of various nationalities (Great Britain, Germany, Romania, Greece, France, Italy and others), the Think Tank of the Institute for European Traffic Law brings together experts, practitioners and professionals in private international law in order to discuss international legal issues and developments and to propose, where appropriate, recommendations to be integrated into Community law.

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Hélène Béjui-Hugues president of IETL Institute for European Traffic Law

Overall responsibility:  Dr. Hélène BÉJUI-HUGUES

Jean-Pierre Telloli Vice-president of IETL Institute for Europeant Traffic Law

Coordination:  Jean-Pierre TELLOLI

Jean-Marc Houisse Board member of IETL Institute for European Traffic Law

IETL Award:  Jean-Marc HOUISSE

Martin Metzler Vice-president of IETL Institute for European Traffic Law

Academic Board:  Dr. Martin METZLER

Among other issues, the Think Tank has already worked on the following subjects:

  • The question of limitation periods for cross-border accidents, following the consultation launched in late 2012 by the European Commission:
    In fact, European travelers who are victims of a road traffic accident in another country of the EU probably seek compensation for damages. Each European country has its own rules on compensation and also on limitation periods for filing a claim for compensation, which can range from one year to ten years. In some cases, if the limitation periods in the respective European country where the accident occurred, are particularly short, victims may even run the risk of receiving no compensation for the damages suffered. Similarly, travelers may be insufficiently informed about the date of commencement or suspension possibilities of these limitation periods. These situations are unfair to victims, and therefore have to be improved. The Think Tank contributes to this improvement by discussing and presenting harmonized solutions for the European legal systems. 

  • Accidents caused by tractors and trailers:
    The Think Tank is working about how to ensure the compensation of the injured party in relation to the diversity of applicable laws in this area.  

  • Work is also underway on questions related to the direct settlement of the mtpl-insurer, the compensation for victims in case of bankruptcy of an insurance company and the management of lawyers fees.

  • Apart from these efforts, the Think Tank is also examining the facility of a database of comparative law, monitoring the Community and European law and serving information on legal developments by country. Access to this data will be restricted to members of the Institute.