Victims' Rights Strategy 2020-2025 of the European Commission

Victims' right  EU Directive and strategy ot the European Commission 2020-2025

Road victims have a wide range of rights based on EU disposals

The new Victims' Rights Strategy of the European Commission published on 24 June 2020 is the first-ever European strategy on victims' rights. It aims to empower victims of crime and to improve the collaboration for victims' rights between institutions. To that end, it outlines actions to be taken at EU, national and civil society levels over the next five years.

Since 16 November 2015, when the The Victims’ Rights Directive was introduced, the EU already has a solid legislation in place. According to art. 2 of this Directive, also victims of road accidents and their family members who have suffered harm, including physical, mental or emotional harm or economic loss which was directly caused by a criminal offence, can benefit from the protective provisions of the Directive. 

In the future, the Commission wants to strengthen victims' rights by ensuring the correct implementation of these standards in all Member States. 

The Victims’ Rights Directive lays down a set of binding rights for victims and clear obligations on EU Member States to ensure these rights in practice. These rights are in particular: right to information, right to support, right to participate in criminal proceedings, right to protection and individual assessment, right to understand and to be understood. The family members of deceased victims enjoy the same rights as direct victims.