The Communications & Media Working Group is responsible for increasing the awareness of the Institute, its activities and work content within and outside Europe, with the aim of increasing the number of members and participants at the 
European Traffic Law Days as well as at other seminars.

The working group Communications & Media is responsible for the design and management of the website of the Institute, the preparation and publication of the newsletters VOX and MINIVOX and the marketing of the European Traffic Law Days.

Michael Nissen ADAC Board member of IETL

Newsletter VOX/MINIVOX

Michael Nissen

Bernd Höke ETL Kanzlei Voigt Board member of IETL


Bernd Höke, 
ETL Kanzlei VOIGT Rechtsanwalts GmbH 

Daniel Stauffer iclaims International Claims Alliance Board member of IETL

Website/Social Media

Daniel Stauffer International Claims Alliance